If you work in or with the industrial sector: Sud-Ouest intelligence économique, SOie (means South West business intelligence) is your partner!

French speaking foreign readers please note that the French version of our site has been developed for French customer needs. Although there is relevant information in French version, we recommend that you read also the English version as well which is more targeted for foreign enterprise needs.

As it doesn’t make sense to invest time and money, if the business opportunity of a new project (geographical diversification, innovation…) has not been confirmed,
And your company must be in a secure position with regard to competitors and outside threats,
SOie is a consultant partner that
helps you to analyse, forecast, prepare your business development and protect your professional interests.

Specialised in Business intelligence, we develop: competitive intelligence, market analysis, partner identification or qualification, new approach to marketing strategy, target data collection and investigations, monitor technological surveying, benchmarking, etc