Senior Business intelligence and Industrial Strategic Consultant, Béatrice Rivalier helps you develops the best solution to achieve your professional goals and enhance the efficiency of your organisation.
Prior to signing a contract Beatrice analyses your project and defines with you her contribution to your team : market segmentations, laws, national characteristics, leading trading partners, influential network …

Then, her job could begin:
Analyse product opportunities, conduct market surveys, handle strategic synthesis, generate and interview resources and key person (market observation, research, technology, industry …), develop operational sales approach, establish qualified contacts, prepare executive, briefs your team, assess your local partners, provides you with tools to become more efficient in terms of market trend reporting, innovation benchmarking …

Throughout her career, Béatrice has developed concrete experience in both private and public sectors. She has aquired the know-how and the tools necessary to operate within the bureaucratic system as complicated as the French !
SOie® can help you judiciously package your project and achieve your objectives…even in France!

SOie® is a group of several specialists that share the same values and work with the same ethics with regard the projects they manage

  • Finance and Legal consultant (due diligence, financial audit…)

  • Expertise in French Laws, regulation

  • Electronic Data collection expert (patents, scientific publications, forum tracking …).

  • Information Security expert to protect your sensitive information, prevent you industrial rumours …

  • Expertise in English language and Cultural expert

Depending of the needs of your project, Beatrice will design and manage her team in order to deliver you expected results. SOie® gives you the comfort and the security of a truly private partner as well as the power of a multidisciplinary group.
We want to become your long term local partner !!