reinforce your BI


As top company manager, you are convinced that to secure your development or to optimize your current business your team must collect and exploit new type of critical information regarding :

  • your main and already identified French competitors: What has happened in last three months? How can a 10 % loss of market shared be explained?
  • cost estimation, cost differential ?
  • equipment exclusive maintenance, training and revamping agreements …
  • communication strategy : articles in professional revues or regional journal, exhibitions,
  • innovative mid-sized companies with cutting edge technology, potential competitive advantage of the new companies on French market ? firms with unparalleled positions on the market ? and an exceptionally influential sphere?
  • new experiences, newly developed market tests : collection of samples and identification of plant, production line …
  • your competitor’s industrial development partnerships : tracking in order to anticipate product potential and time to the market
  • rumour or unfair competition management

SOie® is your local partner to investigate and inform you on key information. SOie® works in weather punctually or on a long terms partnerships basis.

In total respect of French laws and regulations, you will have the best available information yet remain politically correct. The information we deliver to you will be collected without compromise. However, it will give you concrete competitive advantage!